Your high quality butcher in the Renfrewshire area

W.P. Tulloch Butchers have been supplying butchery services to Paisley and the surrounding towns since 1932.

Sourced from local markets and our own farm.

We supply domestic and commercial customers from our two retail shops in Paisley including hotels, restaurants and nursing homes. Local restaurants often quote us on their menus as the source of their meat, as a sign of its quality and provenance.

At W.P. Tulloch Butchers, if you're after a joint for the Sunday roast or some chops for Saturday tea, our butchers can provide you with the best cuts of delicious meat all year round.

Why choose W.P. Tulloch Butchers for your fresh meat?

  • All cuts of meats including joints, chops and racks
  • All beef from our own herd of beef-cross Aberdeen Angus cattle
  • Traditionally matured beef
  • Rump, sirloin, fillet and t-bone steaks
  • Offal, sweetbreads and tripe
  • Native Scottish breeds
  • Seven fully trained butchers and two apprentices
  • Three generations of family butchers since 1932

We serve all types of white and red meat including:

  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Pork
  • Free range chicken and turkey
  • Goose and duck
  • Venison
  • Rabbit
At W.P. Tulloch Butchers, we offer the highest quality, locally sourced cuts of meat and meat products at competitive prices.
Family butcher - Waterside, Netherplace, Nether Kirkton - W.P. Tulloch Butchers - Family butcher
Unsure of the best cut of meat for your special meal? Our friendly, professional butchers are always on hand to advise you. Call us on
0141 884 6321
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